Welcome to Edgewater-Studios.com, the premier Houston recording studio. Located just outside of the Beltway in Sugar Land, Edgewater features world-class equipment, an award-winning design, experienced record producer, talented mixing engineer, and the finest in audio, video, photography, and graphic design services!

Edgewater is a multi-studio recording environment. With a facility designed by Jeff Hedback, whose recording studios have been included in several of Mix Magazine Best-Of lists, and a monitoring system designed Russ Berger of the industry-leading Russ Berger Design Group, Edgewater Studios is a premier tracking and mixing environment.

This Houston recording studio features a synergistic blend of analog equipment, digital processing power, and an expansive backline. The phenomenal analog SSL AWS 924 console, warm analog preamps, compressors, and EQ’s combined with the digital power of Pro Tools HD, a Universal Audio Quad Satellite system, and the industry’s greatest processing, editing, and virtual instrument software ensures the studio can produce stunning sounds and is flexible enough to offer an ultra-efficient workflow; unsurpassed analog audio quality and the speed and precision of the world’s greatest digital audio tools.

What truly separates Edgewater Studios from other Houston recording studios is its staff. Edgewater features an experienced, dedicated record producer whose guidance can take your music to levels you never thought were achievable. Edgewater is also home to a talented recording and mixing engineer.

To learn more about the facility itself, check out the studios page. Want to see the expansive list of recording equipment at your disposal? Check out the equipment page. To meet our talented staff, check out our team page. Want hear samples of our work? Check out our work page. You can also check out our client page to see whom we’ve worked with before.

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