Music Production

Check out the music production that Edgewater Studios has done for other clients and then contact us to start your next project today!

The following is an extensive playlist of work that has been completed for other clients. The music production techniques used at Edgewater Studios are second to none. With a track record of success and praise from many top people in the music industry, Edgewater specializes in producing music that is ready for the radio. Whether it is top notch capture and analog processing, detailed comping, editing, and tuning, or extensive mix processing and automation, Edgewater can assure your music competes at the highest levels in the industry.

Edgewater employed the finest studio designers in the world to construct a suite of acoustically-tuned rooms to capture and mix stunning sounds in ways that will translate to diverse listening environments.

We’ve spared no expense to equip our studios with the latest and most functional audio equipment in the business, including a state-of-the-art SSL AWS 924 Delta console, incredibly accurate monitoring by Focal, Genelec, and JBL, outboard processing by API, Empirical Labs, and an extensive suite of plugins by Universal Audio, Sound Toys and Slate Digital – plus a wide selection of handpicked microphones to assure the best possible audio capture techniques.

We can help make your music standout from the competition!