Studio A

Studio A is Edgewater Studios’ premier tracking and mixing environment and one of the finest Houston recording studio environments available.  It was professionally designed and purpose-built to handle full-scale music and commercial audio productions and is usually manned by Edgewater’s record producer Derek Hames and chief engineer John Shelton.

  • Large, extremely accurate Control Room
  • Live room with 16-foot ceilings and space for a full band
  • Dedicated isolation booth for vocals and acoustic instruments
  • Second isolation booth for amplifiers or other performers
  • Custom sound treatments
  • Wood flooring
  • Professionally-designed, whisper-quiet HVAC
  • Perfectly balanced electricity
  • Floated floors in all tracking spaces to ensure maximum isolation
Award-Winning Design

Edgewater’s Studio A was initially designed by world-famous Jeff Hedback of HdAcoustics, whose recording studios have been included in Mix Magazine’s Best-Of lists year after year.  It is one of the nicest rooms available in any Houston recording studio.  The monitoring system was designed by Russ Berger of the industry-leading Russ Berger Design Group (NFL Network, Lakewood Church, Paragon Studios).  Russ has served as President of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants and is a Fellow in the Acoustical Society of America.  Russ has certified Edgewater Studios’ mixing environment as extremely accurate.  Studio A is a world-class space for the tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, or post-production of ANY audio project.

Analog Front End w/ Digital Power

The synergistic blend of a phenomenal analog SSL AWS 924 console, warm analog preamps, compressors, and EQ’s combined with the digital power of Pro Tools HD, a Universal Audio Quad Satellite system, and the industry’s greatest processing, editing, and virtual instrument software ensures that this Houston recording studio can produce stunning sounds and is flexible enough to offer an ultra-efficient workflow; unsurpassed analog audio quality AND the speed and precision of the world’s greatest digital audio tools.

Equipment Highlights

  • SSL AWS 924 Delta (high-end analog console with industry-leading integration with Pro Tools)
  • Avid Pro Tools HDX system
  • Focal SM9 Midfield Monitors
  • Genelec Subwoofer
  • Avid HD I/O Converters
  • Apple MacPro Dual-Quad Core
  • Vintech (Neve), SSL, CAPI (API), Universal Audio, and PreSonus Preamps
  • API, SSL, Empirical Labs, Warm Audio, and FMR Audio Compressors
  • SSL, Vintech, Universal Audio, Lindell Audio, and PreSonus Equalizers
  • Stunning backline including vintage Hammond A100 Organ, vintage 1960’s Leslie, vintage Wurlitzer piano, custom PDP drumkit, and loads of guitars, amplifiers, basses, keyboards, soft synths, and virtual instruments
  • Outstanding collection of plugins, virtual instruments, and software, including a Universal Audio Quad-Core UAD-2 Satellite, a wide array of UAD-powered plugins, as well as software from Steven Slate Digital, Native Instruments, Izotope, Melodyne, Synchro Arts, and Stylus, among others.

Total Integration

Every room in Edgewater Recording Studios is integrated.  Studio A, Studio B and even the large concrete hallway and break room are all connected.  ALL rooms of the recording studios can serve as additional isolation chambers if your project requires a large amount of simultaneously-isolated recording areas.

Please take a minute and check out Edgewater Studios’ full equipment list.  And as always, please feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] or call 832.500.4272 for more information on working in our Studio A for your next project!